About the event

Here we go again!
We invite everyone to Minsk city to visit the new unique moto event of the season 2017!
Opening of the season this year is so-called H.O.G. Spring Challenge which directly connected with the main event of the year - H.O.G. Rally Minsk, that will be held on the 15-16th of September 2017.

The program of H.O.G. Spring Challenge includes:

29/04/2017 The first day is dedicated to the gathering of guests and sightseeing excursions around Minsk region.
We strongly recommend to participate in the motorcycle tour around the most outstanding places of Minsk region, because we totally sure that it will satisfy even the most tempted guests.

30/04/2017 The main day of the event will begin with the traditional gathering of the moto column at the Mound of Glory. Last year more than 4000 motorcycles participated in the parade. From there all the column proceeds to the venue, where the main celebration will be held.
The program of the city celebration will include a lot of interesting stuff: unique show with flying motorcycles, which will demonstrate the best Freestyle athletes from Russia and abroad, trick riding and demonstrations on the Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Also you may participate in some sport competitions, visit the concert of famous pop stars, special area for children, food court and a lot of other surprises for all the citizens.

It’s going to be a great celebration of spring and sport! So this time the organizers decided to break patterns and demonstrate that motorcyclists are not just guys in leather jackets with a beer belly , but real heroes, who are ready to compete with each other in sports disciplines. Therefore at the event venue will be held a sport relay race among all the chapters of H.O.G. Russia and CIS countries. Let’s see, which chapter is the sportiest one!

And of course, traditionally, in the evening ceremonial banquet will be held that will give an official start to the new motorcycling season. All the H.O.G. members will gather at the Falcon Club, where the opening ceremony and the concert program with the participation of rock stars of the first magnitude will be held.

Don’t miss the greatest event of the coming season!